Tim Burton’s latest offering in 3D technology “Alice in Wonderland” is quite different from James Cameron’s Avatar in terms of the experience the viewer enjoys. Avatar was also in 3D but the experience it gave was something different and the theatrics were less compared to the usual movies that had released earlier in 3D.  In this Alice In Wonderland there are too many things that happens right in front  of  your eyes which makes this movie an ordinary fare in terms of technology. The story however is different and it does not stop with Alice falling down the rabbit hole and her experience in Wonderland but this time time around she follows her destiny and decides to end the Red queen’s reign of terror.

Alice Kingsley (Mia Wasikowska) is the daughter of Charles Kingsley (Marton Csokas), who wanted to explore profitable business shipping routes in the 19th century. Alice at an young age dreams of being in Wonderland and her unusual set of friends there. After many years Alice now 20 years old and her father having passed away feels lonely without his company. One fine day she is taken to a garden party by her mother where a marriage proposal from Hamish (Leo Bill) the son of her father’s business partner awaits her nod.

In the party a rabbit with a waistcoat attracts Alice and she follows it only to fall into the famous rabbit hole which leads to Wonderland. In Wonderland she gets shrinked, stretched and shrinked back again before she meets the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) who is thrilled by her return and narrates her the cruelty that The  Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) had inflicted on the people in Wonderland.

Alice with the help of The White Queen decides to end the cruelty of The Red Queen and slay the Jabberwocky (A deadly monster which is The Red Queen’s trump card) on Frabjous day. In the end she puts up a brave fight against the deadly monster and triumphs thereby bringing peace to Wonderland. The movie though begins on a brisk pace lags too much towards the end which could have been avoided.

All actors have played their roles to perfection and its hard to find a flaw in anyone’s acting. Director Tim Burton who wanted to create an eerie feeling to a movie that is conventionally considered suitable for children has not been all that successful. The 3D graphics are again too good and one is sure to witness more movies churning out based on this technology.

“Alice In Wonderland” definitely not a wonderful ride on the whole to cherish.

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