Red One Camera which is touted as the major invention that has happened to film making has made its debut in India through Arun Vaidyanathan’s “Achamundu Achamundu”. The cinematography by chris Freilich is perfect as it gives a Hollywood gloss to this Tamil film. The director who happens to be a NRI seems to have been inspired by the style of film making in the West and the way he has handled the screenplay is perfect. This movie is not a perfect masala entertainer but a lot of research work has gone into it as the subject pertains to a very sensitive issue of child abuse.

The movie is set in New Jersey where Senthil Kumar (Prasanna) leads a very happy life with his wife Malini (Sneha) and daughter Rithika (Akshaya Dinesh). The twist in the tale comes when Painter Robertson (John Shea) enters into the house to paint their attic. The family not aware of his activities trusts him to the core and that lands them into trouble. When they get to know the real face of Robertson, it’s too late and all hell break loose.

Prasanna in the character of Senthil Kumar has done his part well, but the only hitch might be the accent that he uses sometimes doesn’t go down well with the character who has been living in the states for quite sometime. Sneha though has not got much of a role to do in the movie has scrapped though in the role of a girl from chidambaram settled in US. Debutant Akshaya Dinesh as Rithika could have been instructed to perform better.

The surprise package in the movie is John Shea (who also happens to be the associate producer of this movie) has understood the role of a psychotic child molester and has come up with a splendid performance in his allotted screen time.

The most disturbing part of this movie is the facts that are displayed about the quantum of child abuse in India and the rate at which children and minors are being abused sexually in various parts of the world.

“Achamundu Achamundu” will suit the multiplex audience more than the conventional crowd.


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