started its journey on 26th July 2009 towards becoming a comprehensive movie review portal. The portal to begin with reviewed movies, books and products. The dynamics of the portal changed and as a result of which it was converted to being a specialist in movies.

The portal had its own shares of hiccups. After the initial run for over 8 months, there were issues with the hosting provider and as a result of which the site was built from scratch in the month of March 2010 with a new hosting provider. In April 2010 due to a faulty site design the portal crashed and again for the second time in as many months the site was re-built. From December 2010 onwards, the portal is being hosted with the help of more robust servers.

With visitors from over 173 countries (as of September 2011) and an ever increasing viewership base by the day, this portal aims to provide quality movie reviews and news to its viewers.

With its base in Chennai, India and content written by Siddhartha (an HR professional), this portal has a long road ahead to travel in order to make a mark for itself. The author of this portal can be reached at :

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