The movie is a dark tale of a woman who searches for her boyfriend in a hospital where she admitted him for an orthopedic surgery and he vanishes under mysterious circumstances. “Abandoned” unfortunately also marks the last screen appearance of actress Brittany Murphy who at the age of 32 died due to pneumonia, anemia and multiple drug intoxication. Her farewell movie turns out to be a disappointment as a good storyline is spoiled by a poor treatment meted out by the writers.

Mary (Brittany Murphy) a banker by profession drives along with her boyfriend Kevin (Dean Cain) to the hospital for an outpatient surgery. When Mary understands that the operation will take more than an hour, she relaxes herself with a cup of coffee and on her return finds out that Kevin is missing and there is no record of him being admitted in the hospital.

A worried Mary goes around the entire hospital enquiring about Kevin which prompts the hospital authorities to call detective Franklin (Jay Pickett) to investigate the same. When Franklin comes back empty handed searching for Kevin, Mary accidentally pops out an anti-depression pill medication prescribed for her.

Hospital authorities then treat this case in a different manner and the focus shifts on Mary’s mental stability. The hospital Psychiatrist Dr. Bensley (Peter Bogdanovich) also has a session with Mary and post which things turn murkier for her. In the midst of all the melee Mary discovers the truth behind Kevin’s disappearance and when she goes all out to save his life a small twist in the tale is exposed which shocks Mary. Mary then outsmarts her enemies and with the help of detective Franklin comes out alive in the end.

The entire plot which was so interesting to read is not that interesting to watch. The film is shot in video format and hence it does not provide the required gloss to attract the viewer. The making is also not of good quality and the film wears a dull look throughout. Looks like the director of the film was taken in too much by the plot that he totally ignored to give enough emphasis to the screenplay.

It is safe to ignore this “Abandoned”.

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