Director Selvaraghavan who is known for the boldness with which he normally handles the theme that he likes to unleash on screen was evident in his previous movies right from his debut film “Thulluvatho Illamai” which dealt with the subject of infatuation during school days followed by “7G Rainbow Colony” which ended up being a sophisticated version of his debut film but instead of infatuation it was love and post these two movies he decided to do an action flick titled “Pudhupettai” which unfortunately turned out to be a huge disappointment commercially.

Post Pudhupettai debacle Selvaraghavan who was used to scripting his movies based on happenings around him decided to trust his imagination and he started writing “Aayirathil Oruvan” (One in a thousand) sometime in 2007. The director who normally takes close to a fortnight to pen down an entire script took close to four months for this Aayirathil Oruvan.

Producer Raveendran of Dream Valley Corporation after a horrible debut in tamil cinema with Jai starrer Vamanan decided to test the waters and he agreed to produce this multi-crore magnum opus which was tipped as never before seen in Tamil cinema history. The movie was caught in the wrong reasons more than the right ones. First it was the abnormal delay in the making which was close to three years and later the film’s hero Karthik Sivakumar was so fed up with the delay that he decided to move on with his next project with director Linguswamy titled “Paiyya” which incidentally is also ready for release.

The movie begins with a flash back to late 12th century when the Chola dynasty is involved in a war and the king sends his son and his men along with an idol of a deity and order not to return till there is news from him that they can be back to home soil. The flashback immediately cuts to the present day where an archeologist Chandra Mouli (Prathap Pothen) discovers the place where the Chola prince king lived. Suddenly Chandra Mouli disappears and that’s when all the action begins.

Anitha (Reema Sen) happens to be a government servant who is in charge of archeological findings meets Lavanya (Andrea Jeremiah) as she happens to be the daughter of Chandra Mouli. Anitha and Lavanya along with few others decide to follow the mystery behind her father’s disappearance. Muthu (Karthik Sivakumar) also joins them in their journey as a worker for carrying out menial jobs.

All three along with few others continue their journey to a place near Vietnam where they believe the Chola dynasty remains exist. During their journey they overcome all hurdles be it natural or man-made and finally attain their goal of reaching the place where they intended to reach. The movie then hits a speed breaker as they break the flow for interval.

Post Interval when we look for few more interesting sequences all we get in return is an experience that you would never want to even think of. With the introduction of R Parthiban as the Chola King the movie hits a dead wall and after that it is absolute crap. The major mistake that director Selvaraghavan has done is that he had no idea about how the film would shape-up when he started this project 3 years back.

There are certain scenes which are absolute gross, that you would feel like walking out of the theatre at that very moment. Parthiban has definitely forgotten acting else how on earth can an experienced individual act so badly and one wonders for what reason his role in the film was kept as a secret.

The Inspiration for this movie has definitely been Mackenna’s Gold and for a particular scene from Titanic. Karthik Sivakumar has continued from where he left in Paruthiveeran and looks at absolute sync with his character of Muthu. Reema Sen looks ok in patches while Andrea who does not have a strong character like Reema has done her part to perfection. The huge disappointment in the scheme of things is R Parthiban and the sequences between him and Reema Sen which has been shown too much on screen.

G V Prakash does a decent job with the background music whereas the hit melodious number “Malai Neram” does not find a place to fit in the movie. There is too much of violence and blood shed in this movie and hence selvaraghavan must go back to do what he knows best i.e to stick on to romance genre. If this movie full and full belongs to the director’s imagination then Selvaraghavan has a very sick mind and lets hope he does not waste crores of money and efforts of others for making such meaningless movies.

“Aayirathil Oruvan” turns out to be a worthless piece of crap which is sure to bite dust in the box-office.


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