Lakshmi Ramakrishnan who made the tinsel world take notice of her when she tonsured her head for a powerful role in Mysskins “Yutham Sei” has ventured into direction with this “Aarohanam” (a gradual increase in loudness). Not to mention that this film had its own share of expectations from the audience. The interesting part of this film is that it has a running time of only 90 minutes (a rarity in Tamil Cinema) instead of the conventional 120 – 150 minutes. Director Lakshmi has taken it on her hands to explain to the audience what bi-polar disorder is in a better way as Aishwarya Dhanush’s attempt in “3” yielded disastrous results.

The story is quite simple to begin with where Nirmala (Viji Chandrasekar) goes missing from her home one fine day with her daughter’s marriage just 10 days away. Her son Senthil (Veeresh) a class XII student comes home to be informed by his sister Selvi (Jai Queheni) about their mother not returning home for that day.

Nirmala’s life gets revealed to the audience when the story moves back and forth where she is shown as a person with heavy mood swings and things that she does when she doesn’t get what she wants.  She sells vegetables, sells insurance policies and other similar jobs to make ends meet. Nirmala’s husband lives separately with another wife and doesn’t care about this family.

The film then transverses in the search for the bread-winner of the family and things go very smooth and in an impressive manner till the intermission. However, after intermission is where the creator in the mind of Lakshmi Ramakrishnan goes for a complete toss. The sequences in the second-half of the film defy logic which leads to the downfall of the film.

The screenplay is the major spoiler in the second half and to make matters worse, the song “Thappattam” gets repeated twice (no idea why it comes the second time after the end titles roll over). By the time the movie gets over, the viewers who had a good impression of the film in the first half go home a disappointed lot.

In terms of acting, Viji Chandrasekar has lived in the character of Nirmala. Veeresh and Jai Queheni have done their part well. In the supporting cast, there are Sampath, Jayaprakash, Kavithalaya Krishnan, Uma Padmanabhan, Rajee Vijayasarathy, Abhinay, Marimuthu and Preethi.

“Aarohanam” was majorly shot with 5D Camera and the results are there for everyone to see thanks to cinematographer Shanmugasundaram. Editing by Kishore is impressive considering that he would have limited footage at his disposal. Music by K infuses the life needed to an emotional storyline.

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan’s attempt in handling a bi-polar disorder story is very unimpressive and next time around, she needs to try her hand in something that is not much complicated like this one.

“Aarohanam” with a realistic first-half and a shabby second-half fails to impress.


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