aadhi-bhagavanWhen a film gets stuck in the filming stage for more than 2 years, one can very well say that all is not well with that project. Industry insiders though aware of this fact might still put up a brave face and say that the film needs so much of creative work that it deserves so much time. “Aadhi Bhagavan” which was in its post-production stage for 6 months (too much of time taken considering that there aren’t any skilled special effects in the film) finally sees its light of the day but to be honest the film is unlikely to make an impact on its viewers.

Aadhi (Jayam Ravi) walks in as a CBI officer to raid a house in Hyderabad, past few scenes and one gets to know that he really isn’t a CBI officer but a high profile criminal. Cut to the scenic Pattaya in Thailand, Aadhi’s background gets revealed. In the profit sharing agreement when a dispute arrives between him and his partner, the latter decides to finish his partner in crime. Walks in Karishma (Neetu Chandra) as a struggling middle class girl who works in a pub to make ends meet.

After that its love in the air between the two until the interval sequence where we get introduced to Bhagavan (Jayam Ravi) a transgender operating in Mumbai. As plan would have it, Aadhi also travels to Mumbai and post that it is chaos galore as he is clueless about the mess he finds himself in. What happens to Aadhi & Bhagavan and why does Aadhi find himself in the mess he currently is, does he get out of it, what happens in the end to both of them and most importantly what is the role of Karishma in this whole episode is all about in this “Aadhi Bhagavan” which has a running time of 150 minutes.

Director Ameer who was brilliant in films like “Ram” and “Paruthiveeran” has slipped way beyond his standards he set for himself through his previous films. The film from the beginning doesn’t really take off to have the entertainment quotient. The screenplay needed to be as crisp as possible but all one gets to see is one which moves at a snail’s pace.

Yuvan Shankar Raja is undoubtedly talented with his music but looks like while composing for this music, he was on a sabbatical. In terms of acting, Jayam Ravi is ordinary in the role of Aadhi but as a transgender he has tried to do something different with his varied body language which again is not consistent. Neetu Chandra is becoming old and the tiredness on her face looks obvious.

Other actors include Sudha Chandran as Jayam Ravi’s mother and Saiju Kurup in the role of Assistant Commissioner of Police. Sakshi Sivanand who was once heroine to Vijaykanth now turns up for an item number which again lacks the required punch.

Overall, a film that is unconvincing is being dished out to the audience and its box-office prospects are very bleak at this moment. The director at the end of the film has given scope for a sequel which looks like a non-starter at this point of time.

“Aadhi Bhagavan” without any entertainment is a disappointment.


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