Movies with Hit-man themes are generally well conceptualized and executed to give the gripping feel to it and not to mention the scintillating action sequences which gives complete satisfaction to the viewers. Red Giant Movies latest release “Aadhavan” is one such movie based on the same theme but if you are expecting the razor sharp action sequences and a gripping story, be rest assured that you have been let down badly by the makers. The movie not convincing in terms of story (Ramesh Khanna) and the screenplay (K S Ravikumar) is a bad attempt on the whole.

Aadhavan (Surya) is a hit-man based in kolkata who is an expert sharp-shooter who has his target gunned down at all times with precision. Aadhavan when given an assignment to assassinate a Judge (Late Murali) who has come to town for an enquiry commission misses the target and gets annoyed with himself. The bosses who paid crores for the assassination threatens to till his dad (Shiyaji Shinde) for which Aadhavan gives a commitment that the task will be completed in ten days.

Murali strangely comes to kolkata with a big gang for holidays which is surprising taking into account the seriousness of the case that he is handling and also when he announces that his family stays with him the logic goes for a toss. Banerjee (Vadivelu) as the cook provides the comic relief and the same relief after sometimes tends to get on your nerves.

Aadhavan then enters into the house with the help of Banerjee and whether he gets to complete his task or not follows in the reminder of the movie. Thara (Nayanthara) as the love interest of Aadhavan does little to have an impact on the storyline. Anand Babu on his comeback trail is no different and his characterization is of no interest.

The major disappointment of this Aadhavan is the re-entry of yesteryear dream girl Saroja Devi back into acting has needlessly accepted to appear in this movie. In the end one really feels for her as she gets ridiculed by Vadivelu for her over dose of make-up.

Harris Jeyaraj except for “Hasili Fisili” song looks out of sort and he needs to put in a lot of effort to re-create the magic that he had with his music a few years ago. K S Ravikumar nicknamed as “The Man With The Midas Touch” of Kollywood has forgotten his touch in this movie.

Nayanthara after spate of flops was banking on “Aadhavan” to tilt her fortune scales northward but in the end all it does is to drag the fortunes little south. The worthy mention in this movie is the few scenes where Surya comes in as a ten year old boy and kudos to the Computer graphics team for that.

“Aadhavan” turns out to be another debacle from Red Giant Movies.


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