The best thing about the film is its first 20 minutes. The scenes in which director A R Murugadoss showcases the life history of Saint Bodhidharma who apparently in the year 520 A.D takes 3 years to travel from Tamil Nadu to China and helps the Chinese people to find a cure for a dreaded disease that breaks out and also teach them the ever famous Kung Fu martial art.

After the 20 minutes, when the storylines moves to the present times it fails to hold the enthusiasm that the “Bodhidharma” part had. Infact, the entire Bodhidharma story runs on a narrative mode which makes the complicated task of visually telling too many things in a short span of time simpler.

Aravindan (Surya) is a circus artist who lives life happily until he gets to meet Subha (Sruthi Hassan making her Tamil debut). Subha is a budding young science student who is keen on doing a DNA research which would help in bringing back the traits of our forefathers into our body.

Aravindan happens to be a direct descendant of Bodhidharma which makes Subha more interested to have him accept for her research on him. Aravindan initially assuming that Subha is in love with him gets furious when he knows it was otherwise.

Before all this happening, walks in Dong Lee (Johnny Tri Nguyen a Vietnamese actor) who is sent from China to start “Operation Red” in India. For Dong Lee and his boss, the main hindrance is Subha and Aravindan. Dong Lee sets on a mission to have them both assassinated. The usual chase sequences between the hero and villain coupled with some computer graphics does take place in this fight sequence also.

What is “Operation Red” actually and what does Aravindan and Subha does to stop it is about in the remaining part of the film. The film is a tad lengthier with the pace of the first-half finding itself little dragging while the second half is much better. The movie has a running time of 165 minutes.

Shruthi Hassan in her first Tamil film looks pretty but in terms of acting, she needs to do a lot of catching up to be recognized as a talented actress. Surya on the other hand is brilliant in the role of “Bodhivarma” while in the role of the circus artist, he does display the same plain acting which in other words is just ordinary stuff.

Director A R Murugadoss has unnecessarily touched a lot of sensitive issue in the film. There is a rivalry that gets built between the Chinese and Tamilians. The certain dialogues supporting LTTE might receive applauds from the audience but those dialogues / scenes could have been avoided.

Harris Jayaraj’s music except for the “Mun Andhi” and the opening Chinese song looks pretty blank, while the cinematography work by Ravi K Chandran is a treat to watch.

Screenplay by A R Murugadoss could have been more tight, considering the fact that he had a very good team at his disposal to work with. Certain scenes in the film reminds the viewers of the scenes from a famous film.

Producer Udayanithi Stalin has spent a good amount of money (84 crores) on the film which is evident that he had a great belief on the subject chosen. “7am Arivu” is definitely a winner at the box-office.

“7am Arivu” – though not from the top draw, is definitely a well made film.

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