“2012 Supernova” is a cheap imitation of the concept behind the most expected movie of the year titled “2012” which is to hit the screens on November 13 2009. In this movie there is no mention of the predictions of Mayan Calendar. The movie begins with the happening of the supernova blast and scientists at NASA are in a fix due to the miscalculation of the impact time on earth. Kelvin (Brian Krause) who is part of a classified space mission wakes up to the news of earth being destroyed by the supernova effect.

Kelvin confused at how the events could unfold at such a rapid pace in spite of them running various simulation tests to arrive at the exact D-day rushes to the base station. On his way to the base an attempt to assassinate him takes place in which he escapes unhurt. On reaching the base along with special task force officers, Kelvin directs his wife Laura (Heather McComb) and his daughter Tina (Najarra Townsend) to move to a safer place where they will not be affected by the supernova radiation.

Kelvin along with his Chinese and Russian counterparts make sure that the earth is saved from the cascading effect of the blast in outer space. In the meantime Kelvin gets attacked in the lab and mystery surrounds on who the culprit might be.

Kelvin along with his counterparts make the final journey to outer space where they set to launch nuke warheads to reduce the impact of supernova on earth. Does Kelvin and his counterparts achieve their target and does the culprit gets identified is told in the later-half of the movie.

Don’t look for logics in this movie. This is more of a mediocre take rather than putting some serious thought about the story and screenplay. All said and done director Anthony Frankhauser seem to have been convinced with the sequence of events and especially his visualization of the end scene which end up being as amateurish to the extent possible.

The few actors who form the cast for this movie are less convincing and their reaction was indicative enough of their involvement in this project.

“2012 Supernova” forget it and wait for “2012” to hit the screens.

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