Roland Emmerich has his unique way of story telling and he has been brilliantly handling subjects that needs lot of imagination and creativity. The man who gave the blockbuster “Independence Day” in the year 1996 followed it up with Godzilla (1998), The Day After Tomorrow (2004) and the not so successful 10,000 BC (2008). The good thing about these movies are that they have been successful and at the same time it unleashed to the world the disasters that man had brought to mankind and also the pace at which these imaginative disasters could strike.

“2012” is a movie which is no different and has Roland’s stamp all over it with the difference being this time around the scale of catastrophe unleashed on screen is breathtaking. If as a viewer you expect more than pure entertainment from these sort of movies you would be terribly disappointed. The movie with amazing computer graphics engulfs you at every moment the apocalypse unfolds on screen.

The movie begins with Indian Scientist (Jimi Mistry) spotting a sun spot activity and which could be a threat to earth. He then passes on the information to his friend American scientist Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) who rushes to America and informs the cabinet secretary Carl Anheuser (Oliver Platt) about the new information he has on hand.

Four years later Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) takes his kids for a camping trip who share their home with his ex-wife Kate (Amanda Peet) and her man Gordon (Thomas McCarthy). On their camping trip when Jackson crosses a fence they get surrounded by military personnel for venturing into a restricted area.

When Jackson’s kids are asked to return home by their mother the catastrophe begins to unfold and what follows is a rich experience of the brilliant computer graphics where Tsunamis attack cities, most cities getting destroyed by itself and so on….

Jackson along with his Kids, Kate and Gordon make good their escape and they all head to China where an Arc is built for the human race to replicate after things become normal. On their way to China they experience lot of adventures and at a point when everything seems to have been lost a Chinese family comes to their rescue.

In the end a handful amongst the entire human race get to board the Arc and they start their journey towards a new life where himalayas gets submerged in water they begin a new calendar for their fresh lease of life.

The actors have been brilliant in their roles and they have fulfilled their roles to perfection. Roland Emmerich definitely is a class apart and this “2012” is set to keep the cash registers ringing. The real star of this movie is the computer graphics and there can be no second opinion on that.

“2012” with runs for 158 minutes is a visual spectacle for the viewers.

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